With Children and Educators 

On site and face to face -  on ratio in real time and/or out of hours 

- Working with children with diverse needs, supporting staff with strategies in the classroom
- Mentoring for Educators in "real time" throughout their day on ratio 
- Mentoring and Coaching Educational Leaders and Directors - either throughout the day or out of hours to suit
- Team building, Conflict Resolution, Staff appraisals and HR support
- Leadership and Management in Practice
- Professional Development for whole staff out of hours, or teaching teams as they conduct their day 

With Senior Staff, WPH&S, Educational Leader, Directors and Service Managers

Behind the Scenes 

- Review of Policy and Procedures in line with October 2017 NQF Updates 
- Critical Reflection - not just the "how" and "why".... Digging Deeper!
- Support in development, review, writing and living the Quality Improvement Plan
- Human Resource and Management Advice - Appraisals, Position Descriptions, Contracts, Award Rates, Interview and Probation processes
- Early Education around the world, Professional Reflections from Reggio Emilia 
- Rating and Assessment Readiness Review
-WPH&S Compliance Review

What it costs....! 

Standard Pricing below, or call for a custom package 

As my family and I are travelling Australia in 2018 we aim to visit services whilst in the general area. We are happy to divert our travel around each state to suit bookings. I am also happy to fly to your site, however additional fees would be negotiated for this. 

If we are in the neighbourhood, my fees are as follows:
- $200 for an evening Professional Development Session at your service
- $350 for a sate visit during hours of operation
- $500 for a Saturday or Sunday extended length Professional Development 

Customised site visits are easily arranged, please just let me know how I can be of assistance and we will collaborate!